According to the Texas Education Code Sec. 29.051., English is the basic language of this state.  Young Learners School is responsible for providing a full opportunity for all students to become competent in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehending the English language.  The mastery of basic English language skills is a prerequisite for effective participation in the state’s educational program.  Bilingual education can meet the needs of students and facilitate their integration into the regular school curriculum.  Therefore, in accordance with the state policy to ensure equal educational opportunity to every student, and in recognition of the educational needs of limited English proficient (LEP) students, a bilingual education program is provided at Young Learners School.  The purpose of the bilingual education program is to help ensure that all children who are English Language Learners (ELL) attain English proficiency as well as reach high levels of academic achievement on the same standards that are expected of their English-speaking peers.

As part of the Young Learners School enrollment process, parents must complete a Home Language Survey.  If a language other than English is spoken in the home, the student will be assessed in both English and Spanish using a Texas Education Agency mandated oral language proficiency test. A Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) will then meet to discuss the results of the assessment, whether the student qualifies for a bilingual program and the best placement for the student based the on the results of the Oral Language Proficiency test. The parent is notified of the results of oral language proficiency assessment and must approve the placement into a bilingual program or ESL program.  The parent has on option of denying bilingual program services for their child.  The parent is required to complete and sign a waiver form stating they are denying if that is their decision.