Young Learners has operated effectively and efficiently as a district charter since January 2001, serving students in large and small sites through collaborative agreements. Young Learners School is a proven and successful program that produces results.

The benefits of the program include:

  • High-quality, enhanced instructional programs delivered by certified instructional teams.
  • Implementation of the full TEA pre-kindergarten and kindergarten curriculum.
  • Development of strong educational skills and a foundation for self-esteem needed to succeed in elementary school.
  • Early entry into the education system with a smooth transition into kindergarten, impacting the educational achievement throughout the elementary years and beyond.
  • Early bilingual services including a program delivered by certified and trained bilingual teachers.
  • Special education identification services delivered by certified and well-trained faculty.
  • Effective teacher training with follow-up to ensure quality instructional delivery, data analysis, and application to impact instruction and implementation of effective developmentally appropriate strategies.
  • Strengthened services to students through melding educational, social, and health services to students and families from communities of greatest need.