Letter From Our Founder

Welcome to Young Learners School, where the faculty and staff are clearly dedicated to the teaching and learning of each child because we know that it is the responsibility of each educator to optimize student learning. Our agenda is clear. We are focused on improving student achievement through literacy-based curriculum and instruction.

Young Learners School believes in excellence in the classroom, fiscal responsibility, and integrity of data, innovativeness, and the retention of highly qualified and fully certified staff. We are committed to honor our obligation to our students and our communities by working harder than ever to leave no child behind.

For many children, learning to read and write during early school experiences is a pleasurable and even thrilling experience. But for children who do not make good progress in these early grades, learning to read is difficult and is associated with both present and future failure. Research shows that children who do not learn to read well in their early years of school (at least by first grade) are likely to struggle with reading throughout their lives.

As the instructional leaders for a school dedicated to the education of early childhood students, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our children are ready to read by the time they leave our classrooms; for the strength of our nation begins in a classroom – our classrooms. There are many children who go to school ready to read, but there is an ever growing population of children going to school who have barely seen a book, much less had experiences and learning opportunities with books. At Young Learners School, we know that reading is central to learning – in school, in the workplace, and in everyday life.

We invite you to contact us today for more information on our curriculum and our program.

Thank you for visiting the Young Learners School website.

Spyros Catechis, Ed.D